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Jeanette Steiner's upcoming album "With Love" is a sonic journey of introspective songwriting. Sometimes classic rock, add a little psychedelia, singer/songwriter and grooveness it's an interesting twist on retro pop. The Grammy winning songwriter leaves her heart and soul out for all to feel. After listening to the album you will walk away feeling as if you know Jeanette a little better. As you can tell from the first two singles "Time's Up" and "Torture Chamber" her emotional journey in life has come through and entices the listener to get to know this songstress a bit more. 

Jeanette is a 2 time Grammy winning songwriter. She is making her solo album debut with the retro-pop album titled, With Love. Her lyrics present a graceful perspective, promote a loving disposition and inspire compassion for the human experience. Her voice is like a sonic hug. Jeanette has been compared to artists like Fiona Apple, Norah Jones, & Amy Winehouse and has co-written songs for Ziggy Marley, De La Soul, and Tori Kelly to name a few.

Torture Chamber, the first video from Jeanette Steiner. 


The singer and songwriter known as Jeanette Steiner has released her latest official single, “Torture Chamber.” The track has been proudly published on the Flagship Artists independent record label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Soulful, evocative and primed to enchant any audience, “Torture Chamber” proves Jeanette Steiner is a contemporary voice of both yesterday and tomorrow.



Originally from Texas, Jeanette Steiner cites as main artistic influences everything from classic rock to '90s alternative, from Miles Davis to Portishead, and from Billie Holiday to Ani DiFranco. Her own sound on “Torture Chamber” boasts qualities from all these without sounding dated or derivative.


“Right now,” Steiner writes, “I've been jumping between Howlin' Wolf, the Alabama Shakes, Corinne Bailey Rae, and Etta James.”


These bluesy, folk-hearted elements shine through in “Torture Chamber.” It communicates with the listener with heartfelt humanity.


“'Torture Chamber' came about as I was coping with the end of a passionate relationship that meant a lot to me but was also very toxic,” writes Steiner. “It's so tough to let go, and it's particularly hard for me to admit that I can't solve something. This song is the expression of my acceptance, that sometimes letting go is the solution and the only right thing to do. Letting go is often the only way to find freedom.”


Jeanette Steiner is a 2016 Grammy Winning songwriter. Her lyrics have been described as presenting “a graceful perspective,” “a loving disposition” and “compassion for the human experience.” Her current official bio likens her natural voice to “a sonic hug offering encouragement to all her listeners.”


“Torture Chamber” is the most recent release from Jeanette Steiner since “Time's Up” earlier this year.


“Remain open, as difficult as it can be at times,” says Steiner. “Continue participating in life because you were made to love.”


“Torture Chamber” by Jeanette Steiner on the Flagship Artists label is available from over 600 quality digital music retailers online worldwide now.


-S. McCauley


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