Plans Change

Album Credits


All Songs Produced by Stevie Blacke & Leah Zeger

All Vocal & String Arrangements by Leah Zeger & Stevie Blacke

All Songs Engineered and Mixed by Stevie Blacke

Mastered by Eric Boulanger @ The Bakery Mastering

All Songs Written by Leah Zeger & Stevie Blacke except where noted

Plans Change

LZ, Vocals, Claps, Violins

SB - Upright Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Claps

It’s No Use

LZ - Vocals, Violins, Solo Violin

SB - Guitar, Viola, Cello

Jimmy Paxson - Drums

Koko Powell - Bass

Chris Golden - Bass

Maybe It’s You

LZ - Vocals, Violins, Glockenspiel

SB - Electric Bass, Viola, Cello

Michael Jerome - Drums

Nick Glennie Smith - Hammond Organ

Lila Medlin & Lydia Ingram - Kid Vocals

Ira Gonzalez  - BG Vocals

Tough Love

LZ - Vocals, Violins, Violin Solo

Ruth Zeger - Violin

SB - Viola, Mandolin, Mandocello

Jimmy Paxson - Drums

Michael Valerio - Bass

Giovanna Moraga Clayton - Cello

Cory Pesaturo - Accordion

Go For A Walk (feat. David Grisman)

LZ - Vocals, Electric VIolin, Bass Drum, Percussion

SB - Bass

David Grisman - Mandolin

Jimmy Paxson - Percussion

Walking Party People - Jeanette Steiner, Cory Pesaturo, Alex Zingaro, Ira Gonzalez

Cause We’ve Ended as Lovers

Written by Stevie Wonder

LZ - Vocals, Violins, Violin Solo

SB - Bass, Nylon Guitar, Viola, Cello

Wally Ingram - Drums

Chris Joyner - Wurlitzer Piano

Enough for Me

Written by Leah Zeger, Stevie Blacke, Mike Richardson, Tim Moore

LZ - Vocals, Violins, Solo Violin

SB - Bass, Cello, Programming

Michael Jerome - Drums

Mike Richardson - Programming, Additional Engineering and Production

Tim Moore - Programming, Additional Engineering and Production

Cory Pesaturo - Accordion

Rami Jaffee - Hammond B3 & Mutron

Sean Erick - Trumpet

The Wombat (feat. Steve Vai)

Written by Leah Zeger, Stevie Blacke & Steve Vai

LZ - Vocals, Violins, Solo Violins

Steve Vai - Guitar

SB - Viola

Michael Jerome - Drums

Michael Valerio - Bass

Giovanna Moraga Clayton - Cello

Do It Yourself

LZ - Vocals, Violins, Electric Bass

SB - Guitar

Stacy Jones - Drums

Chris Wabich - Percussion

Jeff Babko - Fender Rhodes

These Thoughts

LZ - Vocals, Violins, Solo Violin

SB - All Guitars

Tamir Barzilay - Drums

Chris Wabich - Percussion

Michael Valerio - Bass

Jeff Babko - Keys, Trombone

Cleto  Escobedo III- Sax


Plans Change

Just when I had gotten off the floor 

Just then you come running through that door 

I hate men, i don’t need you anymore, I hate men

Dating.. I had tried my luck but it’s frustrating 

5 months later I was ready to be lonely

My heart was meant for him and him only


This guy saw him only as a friend

We meet up, but we’re both still on the mend and healing

past wounds 

Knew that something wasn’t right I liked him

I liked him….

Plans Change

Just a roll of the dice (Plans Change)

Not about sacrifice (Plans Change)

Or who’s naughty or nice (Plans Change)

Plans Change

Just When YOu’ve sworn off love

He falls straight from above

One date you expected it to be just one date

But he had to be amazing

Plans change while you’re try-na live your life

Plans change

He says I am what you’re lookin’ for

That night, well I don’t need to say more than

Plans change

And it shook me to the core 

Plans Change

Plans change…

He says…

You were about to skip town (Plans Change)

And then he comes around (Plans Change)

Dedicated yourself (Plans Change)

To sublime mental health (Plans Change)

Just when you’ve sworn off love

He falls straight from above

It's No Use

It’s no use

It’s no use

If something is a good thing

The next day it is bad

Why did we support that thing with everything we had

It’s NO Use

Get plenty of sunlight

But don’t forget sunblock

Don’t trust the stockmarket Keep your money in a sock

It’s No Use It’s No Use

Take everything with a grain of salt

If we die young it’s no one’s  fault

(Nobody’s fault)

Please don’t eat that red meat

But eat protein a lot (rice and beans)

When you have a fever, rotate cold and then the hot

The media is fickle 

Don’t trust a thing you hear

Just make sure to live your life with anything but fear  (drink a lot of beer)

It’s No Use It’s No Use

All this advice should be outlawed

If it’s your friends just smile and nod  (yes sir)

Maybe It's You

Met him in Oct at a 

concert with some friends

He had Charm he had grace you know

it’ll be a cold day in hell when that boy talks to me said I I I I

You took me for a ride in 

your fancy automobile

and you opened the 

passenger door for me

I’ve Never never never run with the 

likes of such a class act

You must see the classy in me somewhere

I, I, I, thought you loved me as I am

cuz you took me by the hand

and you showed me

You, you, you Left me crying on the floor

cuz you said you needed more

you lie i ied

You lied

You’re the gentlest of gentlemen

You’re as cool as cool can be

and sweeter sweeter than tupelo honey

when you talk to my friends 

whether you like them or not

I suppose you had me wondering 

if I was beauty or the beast

I hang out with those hoodlums and harlets who hoot and they holler 

when they’re drunk

and you still left the light on for me

You You You overestimated me

Now I’m another casualty 

of your reckless eyes

I, I , I there was nothing I can do

cuz I’m as much at fault as you

for cry y ying  mmmm for crying

I would have chased you around the country if I had the energy

but you swept me off my feet 

before I knew what hit me

we hit it off we hit and run we hit the brakes and you were done

they say that violent beginnings 

have violent ends but

I know I’m not the most lady like 

lady in the world

I guarantee there’d 

never be a dull moment

maybe I’m damaged maybe i’m flawed maybe it’s you that’s strange

and I am the normal one

I, I, I We gave it everything we had

guess I shouldn’t hurt so bad

but I do, I do, I do

Love Love Love is a sneaky little bitch

She’ll make you poor s

he’ll make you rich 

but none the wiser

Maybe it’s you Maybe it’s you Maybe it’s ME

I shouldn’t Blame you

Nothing is arbitrary 

we make misjudgements sometimes

I shouldn’t blame you

Nothing is arbitrary

better to love than to loose let it be

Tough Love

Tough Love Tough Love… You give me

Tough Love Tough Love

I don’t know if I can take it

I don’t know if i can take it

Frustrates me to hell

You know how to push and pull me

Every time you have to school me

I’m driven to the edge

Ya gimme..

Tough Love Tough Love

Tough Love Tough Love

You got me out of my head

Using action instead

Teach me how to serve (SERVE SERVE)

So to hell with affirmation

I don’t need gratification

I get what I deserve

I try try try…

There’s something about that guy

When he looks me in the eye

It’s a force i can’t deny…

He’s the man in the story

Who seeks fire and glory

He’s scary to behold

He can’t be bought or sold

He’s a little bit insane

He finds pleasure in the pain

Which I’ll never understand

Which I’ll never understand, understand

He works hard and he plays harder (Works hard plays harder)

He’s a million miles an hour

But his mama raised him right

He’s not much for conversation ( He don't say much)

He believes in moderation

Love me the same way

Ya gimme 

Tough Love…

Go for a Walk

When ya can’t get things to go your way

When ya can’t seem to stand another day

Go for a walk  Go for a walk

When people think you’re crazy for wanting to be lazy 

When ya can’t get ahead and you’re in the red 

Just go for a walk  Go for a walk

When the jokers in charge are livin' loud and large

And the tv is spewin’ buncha talk 

Just go for a walk… Go for a walk Go for a walk

When ya feel like you have lost your voice

When you no longer seem to have a choice

Just hug someone...

Yeah the whole damn world has gone insane

Everyone is drivin’ slow in the fast lane

Just hug someone…

When you’re poppin’ a pill to get through the day

But your’e not too sure there’s any other way

Just hug someone….

People love to tell ya how to reach your dream

But when you ask for help they’re nowhere to be seen

Laugh out loud…

When you go to the poles to cast your vote

Every 4 years you’re still in the same boat

Laugh out loud…

When the whole world is turning into Hollywood

And there’s no going back even if we could

When you’re popping a pill to get through the day 

But you’re not too sure there’s any other way

When the jokers in charge are living loud and large

And the tv is spewin’ lotsa talk 

Just go for a walk…Just go for a walk

Just hug someone Just hug someone

Laugh out loud….

Enough for Me

This isn’t the dream you wanted for me

This job just isn’t what it used to be

Nearly everyone of us 

Struggles so hard

I’ve tried it their way I’ve tried it my way

I’ve memorized every single highway

Feet still waiting for the ground to stabilize

(It’s Enough for me)…

It’s not what it used to be

(It’s Enough for me)…

I only care about the music

(It’s Enough for me)…

Don’t take me out of the running


We must make room for creative creatures

They give life beauty they are our teachers

We must create space for expression to thrive

(It’s Enough for me)…

It’s not what it used to be

(It’s Enough for me)…

I only care about the music

(It’s Enough for me)…

Don’t take me out of the running

Knock knock on another door (keep on pounding the pavement)

Is it really worth fighting for (Happiness or achievement)

What’s in a dream that can’t come true

Then who are you.. who are you…

I’ve been downhearted but now I can see

This gig is what you make it out to be

Nothing really matters when you play from the heart

Cause We've Ended as Lovers

Sneaking kisses in the hall

Parting love notes are on the wall

Been each other's all and all each day

Lovers walking in the rain

So close we felt each other's pain

But now you say that love has died away

'Cause we've ended now as lovers

Doesn't mean that we each other can't be friends 'Cause we've ended now as lovers

Does our love for one another have to end

I remember teaching you

On piano 'Tea for Two'

And how in playing it wrong I kissed your hand

But when our love has gone and passed

Why does the good exceed the bad

Well that's one thing I'll never understand

'Cause I remember us at class

You always were the one to pass

And gave me answers right to see me through

But that was more than years ago

And who will love me I don't know

It's sad for sure but true it won't be you

'Cause we've ended now as lovers

Doesn't mean that we each other can't be friends

'Cause we've ended now as lovers

Does our love for one another have to end

Do It Yourself

Used to have plenty of guys lined up around the block Come from miles away to see my violin rock
I’m a composer manager artist communicator,
And I should mention, I’m a fiddlin’ Darth Vador 

200 employers a year
And 8 full time bands
I’m driving 90 miles an hour gig to gig with no f-in hands 

Play bar-mitzvahs, weddings, charities, award shows, recording sessions I play with rappers, rabbis, rockstars, and I
 also teach lessons 

Y’all think I’m playing? Check this out 

I’ve played with Miley, Ceelo, Ariana, Lil Wayne, Stevie Wonder, Dave Grohl,
And in the summers in the orchestra
with Hollywood Bowl 

I studied opera so I sing higher than Aaon Nevil
Ie I've even dueled Charlie Daniels and I played the devil She played the devil 

Now everybody sayin’ I need better representation That if I had better management I would
be a sensation
I can tell you right now 

Put that thought on the shelf Nobody give 2 shits about you Gotta do it yourself 

Wanna be an artist gotta do it yourself 

(Only so many hours in the day) 

It’s common for artists to get depressed Once you make it your life
You’re in the wild wild west
Your resume won’t matter 

May not lead to wealth
If you wanna be an artist You gotta do it for yourself 

Do it yourself (short chorus) 

If you play the violin you gotta Start at 6
And by the time they’re 8, Most kids have gotten their fix 

But my parents are musicians and they
had this idea
That they would make a Jedi fiddler outa their daughter Leah 

They did not foresee the decline of symphonies and studios And now half of Juliard is working at Trader Joes 

Now I won’t lie,
I know art is for leisure
You need a doctor not a poet if you Suffer a seisure 

Music isn’t a service Vital to your health
If you wanna be an artist Gotta do it yourself 


These Thoughts

Every time we talk 

we change the world a little

When we talk we hope 

we change it for the better

Every time I trust myself I grow up

Every time we listen we can give a little

Every time i shut my mouth  i learn some

Every moment that i listen i’m alive

Every time i’m quiet i can see again

Every time i’m quiet i can feel you

I can be the me I’m supposed to be

Every time i shut up i can think again

Every time we shut up we can hear each other (Every time i shut up i can hear you)

we can be the change we wanna see

Every time i shut up i can live again

When i stop the chatter i am free 

When I realize what matters i can breathe

I sing of being free

I sing of you and me

I sing because i can

I sing therefore i am

We sing just what we feel

We sing to keep it real


This chain of thoughts 

These thoughts they chain me

All the worrying we do won’t set us free

All the worrying I do inhibits me

When i learn to trust myself I’ll trust you

when i love myself 

I love you so much better

i can be a kinder person to my neighbor

When i shut my mind off i can sing