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Leah Zeger’s  album “Plans Change" is a who’s who of LA studio musicians. The songs are fun, quirky and sometimes self deprecating, through it all the musicality is top notch. It features guest artists like Steve Vai and David Grisman as well as members of Cleto and the Cletones. Nine original compositions and a haunting cover Stevie Wonder’s “Cause We’ve Ended as Lovers”. Other highlights include “The Wombat (feat Steve Vai)”, “Tough Love” and the auto-biographical “Do It Yourself”.
As Leah says, "This album is representative of my lifelong struggle to overcome self doubt and negativity."

"Maybe It’s You" and "Cause We’ve Ended as Lovers" (Stevie Blacke’s and my first collaboration which led to a full album) are mourning a past relationship. 

"Maybe It’s You" has children’s voices at the end. We are all vulnerable children in relationships, constantly learning lessons from each one. I feel that my idol, Joni Mitchell comes out in this song. The line I’m most proud of is “Love is a sneaky little bitch, she’ll make you poor, she’ll make you rich, but none the wiser”, meaning we can be totally drunk on love, and then the majority of the time, it comes crashing to a gut-wrenching end, but we silly mortals keep going back for more!! 

Tough Love:  My current partner is allergic to complaining. He taught me how to surf which is the first thing I’ve ever put time into learning since the violin, therein learning how to be ok sucking at something. 

Leah Zeger



This is a very important skill! So the song describes him and how he’s helped me learn to take action to shut my mind off.

"It’s No Use” sums up my self-deprecating nature of the past 3 decades with a comical homage to my nagging- violinist/Jewish mother in the end vamp. It is pretty much a metaphor throughout, using the fickle nature of the media and the over-abundance and self-contradicting nature of information via the internet etc. to represent my inner wishy-washiness. I have come to believe through much therapy and self-reflection that starting a competitive career as a musician at the age of 6 stunted the growth of my own identity, resulting in an inability to trust myself in decision-making and difficulty in figuring out what I really need or want in life as opposed to what others expect from me.  

Enough for Me and Do It Yourself are 2 vastly different approaches to outing the seemingly hopeless state of the music industry from the perspective of a middle-class classically trained musician who has spent her life focusing on making a living while secretly aspiring to stardom as a jazz artist. One song is achingly poignant and eery, and the other… is a rap song… enough said. Both are basically my inner hopes and dreams being constantly squashed by my practicality, and they both depict how ridiculously hard i’ve worked and how jaded I’ve become in the process, while I could have been sub-consciously sabotaging myself the entire time by taking the “gig” over the “dream”. (side-man over original project)


Go for a Walk is an irreverent and  funky 70’s blues (I have ALWAYS loved the sounds of the 70’s. Stevie got such a great wah sound on my violin solo) about taking action and seeking solace in interpersonal relationships ( Go for a walk, Hug Someone, Laugh Out Loud) to overcome my negative thinking.  My favorite line is “The whole world is turning into Hollywood”. because it is!!!

These Thoughts, the last tune, is my triumph over self doubt. “This chain of thoughts, these thoughts they chain me” is a complex phrase but it is carried by a simple melody that soars effortlessly over the complexity of the changing time signatures. This song is my favorite on the album because every time I listen to it, it still gives this pessimistic gal some hope that life gets easier with age. ;)"

Leah came to Los Angeles by way of Houston, Texas and became a member of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. She has performed as a soloist with Miley Cyrus, Ceelo Green, Annie Lennox, Stevie Wonder, and Electric Light Orchestra. 2017 Found her on the world wide tour as the soloist for Hans Zimmer and in 2018 she will be touring with her own band promoting her album Plans Change. She is endorsed by Yamaha and D'Addario Strings

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