Rebecca White "It's Okay"


Rebecca's album "Undone" and single "It's Okay" are both available on itunes



It's okay, the first single and subsequent EP title by 18 year old alternative solo artist Rebecca White, is a beautifully crafted song that every teenager needs to hear. In her words, " I started the song, "It's Okay" when i was struggling with depression as a way to tell myself that I would end up okay and as a message to others that it's okay to hurt. Halfway through writing the song, I found out about a close friend that committed suicide. After that, the song became for her and every other person that's ever lost someone or been through hardship." The incident has made Rebecca a passionate advocate for encouraging people to seek help for their pain and depression. 

Influenced by the artistry of modern day boundary pushers like Zella Day, Cage the Elephant, Houndmouth and Gin Wigmore, alternative solo artist Rebecca White, desires to create music that makes people smile. "I just want to make music that makes people feel happy and gives them somewhere to turn" the singer says. 

Rebecca hails from The Woodlands, Texas outside of Houston where she immerses herself in music daily. She held her first guitar at age six, which her dad taught her to play. She plays piano and the ukulele as well.  

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