Rocketship of Love

Rocketship of Love is a revolation. 

It is a Movement… it is a Feeling. 

Rocketship of Love is ALIVE, a being of it's own desire.

It IS and wil neverl be. It never was and always will be

Rocketship of Love will leave you crying and  yearning for more. 

It's a slow groove into that special place we all desire.

It is a desire deep down we all have and want

It IS LOVE, Desire, Lust, Romance, and GROOVE


Rocketship of Love


"Rising" is the first song released by Rocketship of Love.

It was written by Stevie Blacke and Lakin Marie and features the incomparable vocals of Leah Zeger.

Stevie Blacke produced the song and performed all the instruments as well as mixing and mastering duties.

More Rocketship of Love to come!!!

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