Our Mission


Flagship Artists is a new type of record label based in Los Angeles, CA. We consider each album released as a partnership with the artist rather than what a traditional label would have. Our mission is to get back to basics and help develop artists. To help them to reach beyond their potential, to find that great song, to capture that amazing performance, to make mistakes and keep going,… and going. We will help to promote, publicize and send artists on tour.  We believe in creating lasting careers in music, not just a quick buck with the same pop song that sounds like every other pop song. We believe in great singers and great musicians and using technology as a TOOL rather than a CRUTCH. We believe there's great music to be found in this world of "anyone with garage band is a producer" and we are committed to finding, developing and marketing that music. 

Finding Talent


We are always looking for new talent to work with, solo artists and bands alike. You should be open to constructive criticism, willing to work on things you feel might already be completed and willing to try new ideas and directions. Please email us a link to a song or two that you feel is your best work to date. 

Our Histroy

Flagship Artists was created by producer/multi instrumentalist Stevie Blacke who has over 20+ years of experience in the music business. As an arranger and musician, Stevie has worked with a plethora of todays most notable artists including Miley, P!nk, Rhianna, Lady Gaga, Alice In Chains, Beck, Timbaland, Elton John and Shawn Mendez to name a few. His number one goal is to help artists create lasting music that moves and inspires people.  Check out Stevie's site here www.stevieblacke.com


Questions? Comments?

Hit us up!

We love hearing from fans and other artists in every stage of their music careers. 

Please don't send mp3's.  If you'd like us to listen to something send a link to 2 or 3 songs online.  We might not be able to respond to every person but we'll try our best to listen to everything.